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Yoga and functional fitness so you can do more of what you love.


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WHat is seek?

We offer unique flow-style yoga classes, functional fitness, and strength training all in one place. At SEEK you can both challenge and revitalize your body - and let's be honest...we all need a good balance of both.  

We believe in dynamic movement and training to help build strength, stability, and agility and maximize your capacity to do what you love. More than how much weight you can lift, we strive to maximize your body's ability to perform, recover, and repeat. 

To us, yoga is so much more than handstands and mala beads. Our athletic-style flow, as well as our restore and recover classes are built with active bodies and functional results in mind. Walk away with happier hips so you can run more painless miles. Discover deep core stability so you can rotate, land, lift, fold, push, pull, and live better every day. 

Join us for class and see for yourself.


November Challenge

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Seek Good Spread Good

Thurs. Nov 1st - Fri. Nov 30th

Want to challenge yourself? Do something good for yourself and others? Find a better weekly routine? We are here to help. Join us for the November Challenge and see how much SEEK can change your world.

Take 20 classes in 30 days to complete the challenge.

Plus, in the spirit of giving, gain extra points toward your challenge score by bringing new friends into seek (each new friend gets a free class on us), and completing random acts of goodness throughout the month.

All participants who make it to 20 classes in the month of November will get a special gift. Plus, top point scorers will win grand prizes, including one month of unlimited classes at SEEK.

It’s FREE to take part - just sign up!

What We're All About


The Studio experience

SEEK is a yoga and functional fitness studio, home to adventurous souls, filled with deep beats, and driven by a search for something beyond burning calories and better than your average workout. We flow, we sweat, we stretch, we move, we breathe, and we SEEK every damn day.

Here's what you're in for:

Yoga classes that unite functional strength with mindful movement.

Strength and conditioning classes that do more than just burn calories.

Knowledge to help you change the way you move and feel, whether on your feet, bike, skis, board, trails, pavement, or beyond. 

Encouragement to defy expectations, take care of yourself, rest when you need it, and be a badass when you don’t. 

Unabashed willingness to tell it to you straight, play loud music, get really sweaty, be imperfect humans, make mistakes, look different than the rest, and have a great time doing so.

↠  A mindful collective of people who unite for intense workouts, legit yoga, and real human connection.

2 studio spaces so you can maximize your time and get the workout, stretch-out, or zen-out that you need - when you need it.

A spacious open-air yoga space with Wasatch views and windows that open to let that fresh air in.

A unique functional training space with all the training tools you need to build speed, strength, power, and endurance so you can play harder out there.

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The word on the street is...

"Emily always has thoughtful classes that do wonders for mind, body, and spirit. Favorite teacher in SLC!"

"Sarah is incredible! Her heart and soul connect with each and every student to push harder! Cant wait to go back!!!"

"I LOVE these classes. The movement is constantly changing and you never get bored. And my body is still sore two days later."

"Michele has a fun and challenging class that pushes you and puts a smile on your face."

"A beautiful start to your day! Sandrine is so playful and fun with her practice, but gets your whole body moving. I leave with such a big smile every class!"

"I love Seek studio! The instructors are always welcoming, and the class variety is perfect."

"This place is no joke. Hands down my favorite workout Ive ever done. It was a perfect balance of everything you could hope for in a workout class. I will come to this place again and again and again.