Outdoor Workout: Winter Conditioning
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We are using this Endurance and Speed training workout to help train skiers and snowboarders for the upcoming season. However, snow or not, this workout can help anybody build endurance and lower body strength. Do it 1-2x/week in rotation with other workouts and yoga classes in your week.

Endurance & Speed Training 
This workout structure can be applied to running, cycling, hiking, or indoors on a treadmill or stationary bike. You may choose to do this on a hill or flats.

Do 5 minutes of your chosen activity at a slow pace to warm up your body. Begin your workout by assuming a moderately challenging pace that gets you winded and just beginning to reach the non-conversational state you worked with last week. Maintain this pace, whether running, spinning, or hiking, for 10 minutes. Increase your pace, pushing as hard as possible for the next 3 minutes, then immediately return to your moderate pace and begin another 10 minute work period. Repeat your 3 minute sprint and 10 minute moderate pace until you reach a total of 4-6 sets (depending on your fitness level and activity). Do your best not to come to a complete stop during the workout. If you need rest, adjust your "moderate" pace during the 10 minute work periods.  

Sarah Betts
Training Starts October 1st - Details & Getting Started

Hey Winter Conditioning Team!

We are so glad you’re joining us for this special training series and we can’t wait to kick things off next week. Remember, the whole series is 6 weeks long, beginning Monday October 1st and ending Sunday November 11th.

Here is what you need to know to get ready for week 1:

  • The series starts October 1st, which is a Monday. We do NOT meet in person on this day, it’s just the kickoff day for you to dive into the training recommendations.

  • On Sunday evening you will get an email with the details of your training recommendations for the first week.

  • Take some time on Sunday evening or Monday morning to plan your week - schedule your in-person winter conditioning classes (details below), decide when you will fit in your outdoor workout, and plan some time for yoga in your week. All of the details on this will be included in your Sunday email.

  • We recommend you take 1-2 in person winter conditioning workouts with us each week. We have 3 on the schedule: Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Wednesdays at 6:15am, Fridays at 7:30am. You must sign yourself up for the time slot you want to attend.


Here is what your weekly schedule will look like during the training:

Sundays: Expect your upcoming weekly workout recommendations email so you can plan your week ahead.

Mondays: Personal workout and/or yoga days - do your outdoor workout for the week (sent to you in detail every Sunday), spend some time on your yoga mat, take a class at SEEK, or get out for an activity you love - biking, running, swimming, or hiking are all great cross training.

Tuesdays: There is a studio workout time every Tuesday at 7:30pm. If you are not joining us in-person, do the workout on your own at home (details of the workout will be supplied in your Sunday email) or get another 30-60 minute strength building workout session in. Seek Sweat, Train Strong, and Get Lifted are great SEEK class options for this.

Wednesdays: There is a studio workout time every Wednesday at 6:15am. If you are not joining for this workout, do as outlined above for Tuesday, and don’t forget to make sure you get at least 2 yoga classes into your week as well!

Thursdays: Personal workout and/or yoga days - do your outdoor workout for the week (sent to you in detail every Sunday), spend some time on your yoga mat, take a class at SEEK, or get out for an activity you love - biking, running, swimming, or hiking are all great cross training.

Fridays: There is a studio workout time every Friday . If you are not joining for this workout, do as outlined above for Tuesday, and don’t forget to make sure you get at least 2 yoga classes into your week as well!

Weekends: go do what you love, get some good rest, have fun, pray for snow, and gear up for the week ahead. We will be doing one big group outdoor workout on Saturday October 27th at 9:30am.

If you have any questions regarding the training series, your schedule, signup, or otherwise, please contact sarah@seekstudioslc.com.

Sarah Betts
Welcome to Winter Conditioning at SEEK

Feeling the winter stoke? Ready to change up your workout? Want to get your ski legs underneath you before the lifts start spinning? 

SEEK is joining forces with Black Diamond and PROBAR to present an all new comprehensive training series, built to get you strong, stable, agile, and in shape to do what you love all winter long. 

The series has 4 components: 

  1. Weekly Strength Workouts: every week we'll put together a 30 minute strength training workout (you'll do this workout 2x/week) specific to winter sports. Do it with us in the studio on Tuesday evenings and/or Friday mornings (details on class times listed below), or do it at home when it works for you.

  2. Weekly Speed & Endurance Workout: hill climbs, sprint training, distance work and more - this is an outdoor component to your training that you can do on your own time throughout the week. We'll send you detailed instructions for new exercises every week.

  3. Yoga Cross Training: balance the intensity of your training with 2 or more yoga classes every week. Take these at SEEK as it fits your schedule

  4. Injury Prevention and Overall Wellness: get helpful information on specific stretches, myofasical work, healing techniques, nutrition and more. This support will come to you via email every week, with check-ins to make sure you're doing your best to improve your overall performance and well being.

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Fuel your body for optimal performance. All Winter Conditioning participants will receive special fuel-up gifts throughout the series, complete with PROBAR bites, Meal bars, Nut Butters, and and BOLT energy chews. Plus, both group outdoor workouts will start and end with a PROBAR fueling station. 

Follow @theprobar for special nutrition tips throughout the series.

Need extra inspiration to meet your goals? Black Diamond ski athlete, Mary McIntyre, will be joining the SEEK team to lead two group outdoor workouts. Show up for a butt-kicking sweat session, and a chance to win BD gear for the upcoming season. Plus, all Winter Conditioning participants will be entered to win a special BD gift at the end of the series. 

Follow @blackdiamond_snow for helpful training tips throughout the series.

Take your training beats on the trail with you, or tune into your favorite podcast to keep long workouts interesting. Jaybird will be giving away 4 pairs of their wireless sport headphones to challenge winners throughout the series.

Challenges will be new every week - tune into @jaybirdsport every week to take part.

Ready to take part? Here's everything you need to know to get started: 

Dates & Duration: the training series starts on Monday, October 1st and ends on Sunday, November 11th to complete a total of 6 weeks. 

Commitment: if you do everything included in the series, you'll be committing about 4-5 hours of time to the program every week. This includes stretching at home, training outside, and attending classes in person at SEEK. You can do this in addition to your regular workouts, or stand-alone as your comprehensive workout schedule for the week. 

What you get:

  • ONE weekly email from us with your training recommendations and wellness tips for the week.

  • TWO exclusive weekly strength workouts at SEEK: Tuesdays at 7:30pm & Fridays at 7:30am - this is a 30 minute high intensity workout that will add specific strength and power moves to your training load.

  • TWO opportunities to train outside, as a group, with professional ski athletes and the SEEK team. Wednesday October 17th at 5:30pm & Saturday October 27th at 9:30am

  • ONE myofascial release training so you can take home some healing practices to use throughout the season: Thursday October 11th 7:30-8:30pm

  • ONE nutrition workshop - how to fuel your athletic performance - an interactive discussion about everything you want to know when it comes to fuel, hydration, and function in your body: Thursday October 25th 7:30-8:30pm

  • ONE pray for snow party - because hard work deserves a proper celebration: Friday November 9th 6:00-10:00pm

  • Special gifts and giveaways throughout the series - from SEEK, PROBAR, Black Diamond, Jaybird and more.


$50 for the 6 week series. This covers everything listed above except your admission to regular yoga classes at SEEK.

During this series we recommend you take 2 yoga classes per week, which you can attend using your regular monthly membership or pass. Don’t have a pass? Explore your options here.

Need a little more motivation?

Because we know how hard it can be to stick to a training routine… we’ll be giving out prizes every week so you have a lil’ something extra to work for. A different prize category will be named each week, so make sure you tune into the weekly training emails. You could win - most yoga classes attended, most miles logged, fastest sprint, longest plank hold, and more. Win goods from Black Diamond, PROBAR, Jaybird, and SEEK.

Sarah Betts