Outdoor Workout: Winter Conditioning

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We are using this Endurance and Speed training workout to help train skiers and snowboarders for the upcoming season. However, snow or not, this workout can help anybody build endurance and lower body strength. Do it 1-2x/week in rotation with other workouts and yoga classes in your week.

Endurance & Speed Training 
This workout structure can be applied to running, cycling, hiking, or indoors on a treadmill or stationary bike. You may choose to do this on a hill or flats.

Do 5 minutes of your chosen activity at a slow pace to warm up your body. Begin your workout by assuming a moderately challenging pace that gets you winded and just beginning to reach the non-conversational state you worked with last week. Maintain this pace, whether running, spinning, or hiking, for 10 minutes. Increase your pace, pushing as hard as possible for the next 3 minutes, then immediately return to your moderate pace and begin another 10 minute work period. Repeat your 3 minute sprint and 10 minute moderate pace until you reach a total of 4-6 sets (depending on your fitness level and activity). Do your best not to come to a complete stop during the workout. If you need rest, adjust your "moderate" pace during the 10 minute work periods.  

Sarah Betts