Feeling the winter stoke? Ready to change up your workout?

Join us for our annual Winter Conditioning training series, built to get you strong, stable, agile, and in shape to do what you love all winter long. 

We continue to advance this training series every year based on feedback and results from years prior. This year we are stoked to incorporate powerful cardiovascular training in our CYCLE room, as well as functional cross training in our TRX space.

Interested? Here’s how it works…

We put together weekly indoor and outdoor workouts for you. Indoor workouts are held on weekday mornings and evenings (see schedule below), and outdoor workouts are done on your own (we’ll send you weekly emails with workout descriptions). Plus, we HIGHLY encourage you to take part in yoga and deep release classes throughout the series to help with, balance, flexibility, mindfulness, and injury prevention. The whole series is 5 weeks long and can be participated in as a whole, or on a class by class basis (see pricing and package details below). Space is limited so that we can give participants the highest quality workout - please sign up no later than Oct1. to take part.

DATES: October 7 - November 10 2019


In-studio winter conditioning classes will include 2 class styles: a cycle-based CARDIO training, and a TRX-based STRENGTH training. We encourage all participants to take at least one of each class style per week. Please note, we limit participation to 4 winter conditioning classes/week in order to ensure we have space in classes for all to take part.

  • Mondays: 6:15-7:00am Cardio

  • Tuesdays: 5:30-6:00pm Strength

  • Wednesdays: 6:30-7:00am Strength + 7:15-8:00am Cardio

  • Thursdays: 5:30-6:00pm Strength + 6:30-7:15pm Cardio

Class times may be added based on participation. Please contact us if you want to take part but cannot make above times.


  • In order to receive outdoor workout emails you must sign up for the series as a whole.

  • You will receive your training guide for the week via email on Fridays (outlining the week ahead).

  • You commit to doing your outdoor training 1-3x/week on your own time.


As we mentioned, we HIGHLY encourage you to take part in yoga and deep release classes throughout the series to help with, balance, flexibility, mindfulness, and injury prevention. We suggest you take 1-3 yoga classes per week, and check out our new Deep Release class Thursday nights at 7:30pm. This class is geared toward helping active bodies improve mobility and access relief from persistent tension and pain throughout the body.

  • Check out our live schedule here to sign up for yoga classes (passes for yoga are sold separately and are not included in the cost of Winter Conditioning)


The Winter Conditioning series can be participated in as a whole or on a class-by-class basis. There are a few pricing options based on this, and your existing membership status at SEEK

GENERAL ADMISSION: (you don’t have a membership to SEEK but are stoked to take part in this)

  • $125 for the 5 week series - gets you access to all in-studio classes and outdoor workouts (you can sign up for up to 4 classes/week)

  • $12 for single class drop in - gets you access to take just one winter conditioning workout (you can purchase several drop ins if you can’t make the series work for you)

FOR SEEK MEMBERS: (any active membership holder)

  • $75 for the 5 week series

  • $8 for single class drop in

      • Your membership discount will be automatically applied during checkout

REGISTRATION: This year we are limiting the number of Winter Conditioning series passes so that we can improve the quality of your workout experience. Registration deadline is OCTOBER 1st.

To register, please click below and purchase the “winter conditioning series” package. Then proceed to the winter conditioning schedule (link below) to sign up for the in-studio classes you want to attend.

If you plan on attending just one or more of the workouts on a “drop in” basis. Please proceed to the schedule and sign up for the class(es) you want to attend. During sign up you will be prompted to purchase a drop in for each class.

After you purchase your Winter Conditioning series pass, please sign up for the in-studio training classes you want to attend. This will ensure you have a spot reserved in class.

Please note: we ask that all participants please sign up for classes ahead of time to ensure we have space in each class for all participants. If you need to cancel your scheduled class, please do so at least 6 hours ahead of time so we can fill your space with another participant. If you have questions about classes, registration, and/or cancellation please contact us!