Sarah betts

I teach: Yoga, TRX, & Seek Circuits.

I co-founded SEEK with my partner, Alex Zuhl, and am so honored to see what what it brings to peoples lives every day. It’s a true community of friends - old and new - positive vibes, and hard work.

Words I live by: rock your best self, and don't be a dick while doing so. Kindness looks good on everyone.

Beats I move to: is it possible that there's too many to name? I make new playlists for every class I teach. Find me on Spotify and you'll get the gist....

What I live for: Adventures - time outside on skis, bikes, trails, and rivers with people and pups I love. Good food - all of it please, especially kale, noodle soup, homegrown tomatoes, and chocolate ice cream. Community - that at home feeling when you connect with people that value you, appreciate all your quirks, never talk behind your back, and always show up in your support. Love - ahhhhh, cuz I am a total cheese and I just love love.  


Erin Butler

I teach: TRX & Train Strong

I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and outdoor enthusiast. I teach because it’s invigorating to see individuals challenge their own strength every class. Showing up is half the battle, my hope is I can make it that much more appealing to come back and work hard over and over again.

Words I Live By: Let her be free.

Beats I Move To:  full on dance party. I little bit of electronic, house music with some classic old school jams to mix it up.

What I Live For: I am learning to be more vulnerable or open. To feel uncomfortable, or wrong, to make mistakes or try new things. This has produced more light and growth in my life than the fear based path I was previously choosing.


Devon Huggins

I teach: TRX & Seek Sweat

Whether I’m out in the mountains, climbing with friends, or in the studio teaching, I just want to live playfully in connection and adventure. These activities bring me presence and embodiment and help me to feel most grounded and fully alive.

Beats I move to: “Welcome to the Party – Valentino Khan remix” Diplo, “Global Concepts” Robert DeLong, “Thought Contagion” Muse, “Red Hot Lights” Moon Taxi, “Thrift Shop” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “It’s Tricky” Run DMC, and “I Like It” Cardi B

What I live for: Movement, nature, music, and connection light me up. I thrive when these variables are in place, and I am grateful to be part of such an awesome studio community that supports each of these elements.


Emily Ellis

I teach: Yoga, Seek Sweat, & TRX

I love to challenge my students... with a smile. I love when students leave the room amazed at what their bodies can do. I plan each class carefully so that you're always experiencing something different! Come to class with an open mind and an open heart.

Words I live by:  We all have so much potential! We just have to be willing to discover it...

Beats I move to: Obviously I love Bruno Mars and Beyonce... but my classes are usually set to some soulful beats. Less words so that your breath enhances the soundtrack!

What I live for: Sunshine! I'm solar powered! I love the sun and any chance I can get to be outside. I love hiking tall peaks, bike rides, good coffee, long runs, handstands, and dancing of course.


Emily Long

I teach: Yoga & TRX

My mat remains the one place in an otherwise busy life that I can be completely focused on my wellbeing, and I aim to create that same space in my classes.

Words I live by: My favorite coffee mug has "Today I will manifest some cool ass shit" written on it, and I feel like that's a pretty great sentiment to wake up to and live by.

Beats I move to:  On my current playlists, I'm picking it up with Bleachers and Wild Cub and winding it down with Novo Amor and Ben Howard.

What I live for:  Like most of us who get in to get out, I'm completely in awe of nature. We have the privilege of getting up in the morning and looking at the window at the most stunning mountains, and the view never, ever gets old. I'm happiest when I'm out exploring, getting dirty, and breathing fresh air, both in Utah and elsewhere. Oh, coffee and my dog are pretty great too.


Michele Lowry

I teach: Seek Circuits & The Weak-Ender

As a former college athlete, training has been ingrained in my world. As a teacher, I want to help people find a way to workout that makes them stronger AND makes them feel good. Life is just way better when you are laughing.

Words I live by: Have some courage and take a deep breath.

Beats I move to: Anything you can dance to!  Particularly Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil John, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Martin Jensen

What I live for: I love making people smile and join in on adventures that make getting out of bed so much more exciting.  I think that life can be taken too seriously and we have to step out of our comfort zone and she our wild and crazy selves to the world.


Dominique Maack

I teach: Seek Sweat & TRX

My philosophy in programming  is an efficient total body workout that transitions quickly but focuses on mindful movement. While participating in one of my classes I want people to feel engaged and motivated with the group to make those burning reps just a little easier.   

Words I Live By: Move with purpose

Beats I Move To: I use a wide range of genres from pop, hip-hop, house, indie, and ambient beats. But is always contextual with what you’re doing with your body.

What I Live For: Novel experiences (travel, food, adventure) built around a daily exercise routine.


Kate McGowan

I teach: Yoga & TRX

I want people to feel a deeper connection to the physical body they possess, and to delve deeper into the sensation of moving mindfully.  I want people to feel a challenge that will shift their practice and state of mind for the better. I want people to leave their mat in a more positive capacity, mentally and physically, than they found it.  

Words I live by: Work hard, play hard!  Trust in the hard work that you do, and ALWAYS make time to have some FUN!

Beats I move to: Venice Venture by Big Wild; Alaska by Maggie Rogers; Obadiah by New School Collective; Learning to Fly by Tom Petty

What I live for: Connecting with people on a real level is what makes me light up.  I have always been an outgoing human and I am the most happy and myself when I'm surrounded by my community, especially if it's outside.  


Jasmine Aldrich

I teach: Yoga

I teach as a way to express myself, but also to help others heal and find their own voice through yoga principles and postures.  

Words I live by: "Be here now". These powerful words have a way of grounding me and bringing me back to the present moment. This mantra has guided me towards releasing the things that no longer serve me and helping me to feel peace in life.

Beats I move to: I love a good mix of genres and artists, but some of my favorites to flow and stretch to include Bon Iver, Jack Garrett, Bonobo, and The Head and the Heart.

What I live for: I feel inspired most when I do the things that fill my soul and challenge me physically and/or mentally - summiting a mountain, teaching a yoga class, traveling to a foreign country, listening to a good podcast, or trying a new cooking recipe. I also appreciate the importance of silence and introspection and am able to do this best while writing or spending time in nature. The thing that makes me shine most though is spending time with my husband and best friend, Bill.


Catherine Widner

I teach: Yoga

Since I found yoga in 2010, I have been in love with the movement, the strength, the stillness, and light it brings to my life. I teach because I want to kindle the fire in others.

Words I live by: We are limitless.

Beats I move to: Odezsa, Rising Appalachia, Sol Rising, anything and everything that makes your body move and your soul smile.

What I live for: Community, nature, and sharing happiness are three of the main reasons I wake up everyday. My yoga community is, and always has been, like a family to me. Getting outside and in nature, immersing myself in the beauty that is abundant in our wild west, makes me tick. Playing outside, rock climbing, trail running, camp fires with friends, and a hike with my dog; these are what I live for. All of these stoke my fire for life and keep my psych levels so high, I can't stop smiling!


Sandrine Yang

I teach: Yoga

I love teaching beginners, athletes and everyone in between by incorporating mindfulness and hard-work. I believe it's important to create a safe space for practicing yoga and to make it accessible to everyone.

Words I live by: Mistakes and failures are something to celebrate, understand and grow from. They are the best teacher.

Beats I move to: "Every Time" by Boogie Belgique, "Cheer Up, My Brother" by HNNY, "Sunny Baumon Remix/Extended Mix" by Marvin Gaye, Baumon "It's Your Thing" by The Isley Brothers, "Albatross" by Fleetwood Mac.

What I live for: I get excited and scared about big goals and this inspires me to tap into my inner voice. The way we talk to ourselves influences everything.