31 Day Reset

Join our mindful January challenge to strengthen, stretch, deepen & Reconnect your mind and body

January 1-31 2019


Take 2-3 classes every week.


Find your mindfulness practice in our new Mindful Restore class

Tuesdays 7:30pm


Resolve to work toward a better year by creating a healthy routine you can actually keep.

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Reset your body in our Roll and Release class

Sundays 6:30pm

This year things will be different… we know that story.

But this time you really mean it, so do something different than what you always do.

Join us for 31 days of new classes, workshops, eating well, strengthening and stretching your body, and creating a mindfulness routine that will reset your world and help you make big things happen in 2019.

Want in? Here’s what it takes:

Commit to taking 2-3 classes every week at SEEK

(consistency and a weekly routine are going to be your jam)

Take at least one of our new ROll & Release classes on Sunday nights at 6:45pm

(your body needs this and you don’t even know it)

Take at least one of our new Mindful Restore Classes on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm

(a blend of restorative yoga and mindfulness practices to that are not at all woo-woo and might actually do that busy brain and hard-working body some good)

Eat a *plant-based whole-food Good For You Diet* for 31 days

(this part is optional because who are we to tell you how to eat, but if you’re looking for a little nutritional reset we’re here with ya and will offer some tips to help you eat well and feel well because of it)

* See details on what this entails below.*

Sound like what you need after a few dozen holiday parties, plenty of eggnog, and too much time with your in-laws?

Sign up is free (just a sign of commitment really) and will hold you accountable to doing something more than waiting for a treadmill at the gym.

So what is a plant based, whole food, good for you diet?

In the simplest terms, it means eating as close to the plant source of your food as possible, which takes out a whole lot of processing, additives, preservatives, and other junk you don’t need. Its a really great way to eat if you want to improve the way you feel every day and the way your diet impacts the environment around you.

If you want to join us for the nutrition portion of the January reset, here’s what it entails.

Please remember these are suggestions and every person has different nutritional needs so just do your best to apply these principals to your daily diet as much as fits your needs and wants this month.

  1. Eat as close to the plant source as possible - do this by looking for foods that are fresh, and look like they do when they grow. For example, chose a cooked whole grain like quinoa rather than a processed grain like white flour pasta. This helps decrease the amount of processed, refined and additives that alter the food state from what it originally came from.

  2. True plant based nutrition excludes meat- but if you choose to incorporate animal product, select proteins that are from animals fed their natural plant-based diet (grass fed, free-range, etc), raised in wild or humane settings, free of additives, hormones, antibiotics, and flavoring.

  3. The same goes for dairy - if you do want to include it, go for small portions of grass fed and/or organic options and get it from a local farm whenever possible.

  4. When eating from a package, chose foods with as few ingredients as possible, and try to find ones that are not full of a ton of ingredients you don’t recognize as real food!

  5. Decrease or cut out your consumption of the foods that are not as good for you: sugar, chemical sugar substitutes and other sweeteners, artificial flavors and colorings, alcohol, and caffeine.

  6. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in an array of colors and types - these foods are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber and will help fill you up so you’re less likely to reach for a tub of ice cream after dinner.

  7. Get creative with new plant-based protein sources like quinoa, hemp, millet, rice & beans, nuts & seeds.