Vinyasa yoga meets functional fitness - this class unites classic flow yoga sequences with powerful strength-building moves to create a unique balance of strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, and mindfulness. Come prepared for a high-energy class, an up-beat playlist, a good sweat, and some poses for tight hips, hamstrings and backs to complete your practice. 


Seek's classic yoga class - a flow-style class with unique layered sequencing set to an up-beat playlist. This class is designed to build heat and energy in the body through mindful flowing movements and strong stability sequences before dropping you into a cooling sequence of deep stretching and moving meditation. If you're just here for the yoga, this class is your jam!


A slower and softer version of the yoga classes we offer, but we still promise to get you strong and sweaty! This class is great for those who are NEW to yoga looking to focus on the roots of yoga postures and breathing techniques. We also encourage all you experienced practitioners out there to join us to hone in on your yoga skills. We will break down complicated poses like chaturanga, strengthen muscles you didn’t know you had, and get you nice and bendy so you can get out there and conquer life!


A powerful blend of fast flowing vinyasa, deep stretching, and complete stillness. This class will work you until you're more than ready for total relaxation. Start with 40 minutes of heat-building, sweat-dripping, muscle-working flow, then drop deep into your body as you soften into opening stretches. This class ends with a longer savasana than most, with 5 minutes of stillness, breath, and meditation time for you to be here with you! 


The yoga class to remedy your week and jumpstart your weekend. Good vibes, good beats, and a sweaty flow will fix just about anything. Come prepared for a high-energy vinyasa flow, an up-beat playlist (if you're looking for quiet yoga tunes, this is not your class), a good sweat, and some deep stretching to complete your week. Stress less, flow more!



All of our FLOW classes are inspired by a flowing “Vinyasa” style practice, with our unique layered approach to building a sequence that advances your body’s strength, mobility, and balance. Your mind and body will move as one, powered by your breath and inspired by the beat.