SEEK CYCLE is a brand new training element at SEEK studio! We are excited to share our unique indoor cycling classes with you starting this April. Until then, please reference the below FAQ’s to lear more about the SEEK CYcLE experience.

When will SEEK Cycle classes begin?

Classes will be available to the public on Friday April 19th.  We will have a few FREE classes on the schedule on Wednesday April 17th and Thursday April 18th. Stay tuned for schedule details and sign up information. There will be a grand opening celebration for our new “Cadence Room” on Friday evening, April 19th.

Students will be able to start signing up for classes on Monday April 8th.

What style Cycling Classes will you teach?

All SEEK Cycle classes will be inspired by great playlists, but our goal in each class will be to offer you a unique and practical training & workout experience that goes beyond the music. Hill climbs, intervals, speed and endurance training will guide you through your workout.

We will be offering two cycling-based workouts:

Revolution Cycle: an indoor cycling class that will guide you through 45 or 60 minutes on the bike, powered by your personal metrics with a true cardiovascular training focus. Revolution rides are where music, dedication and motivation meet functional hill, interval, power and endurance training and the result will change your world. This is where we start the revolution.

Shift Cycle: A bike-based circuit-style workout that includes quick and powerful cardiovascular bursts on the bike, in combination with full body strength and core work off the bike. This dynamic and high-output class will work you from head to heart - quads to core. This is where big shifts happen in your day, your strength, and your perspective. Please wear athletic shoes for this class!

What type of bikes do you have?

We will have Stages SC3 indoor cycling bikes with individual power meters on each bike. The SC3 power meters will help you track your cycling output during each class, and track your training progression over time. Your power metrics will connect to your SEEK member account so that you have the option to store and track your performance, challenge yourself to meet monthly goals, and more.

The Stages SC3 bikes are designed for high performance indoor cycling, complete with a sprint shift, and full rider fit customization. Your cycling instructor will help you find the perfect fit on your bike and set you up with your power metrics account when you arrive for your first class.

Will you offer shoe rentals?

Yes! Cycling shoes will be free for members or $3 per use for non-members.  Students are welcome to bring their own SPD compatible shoes.

Will my membership or class package pricing change?

We will offer a variety of membership and package pricing options for you to access our cycling classes. If you want to add unlimited access to spin classes on top of your existing SEEK membership, your membership rate will increase. If you do not want to take cycling classes, your existing membership rates will remain the same. Information on our new pricing will be available April 1st.

What times will SEEK Cycle classes be held?

We will be launching our complete class schedule in early April. Until then, rest assured… we will have cycling classes every day!

Early weekday mornings - there will be 6:15 - 8:00am options

Mid-day lunch hour rides - a quick sweat on your weekday lunch break

Weekday evenings - there will be 5:30-7:30pm options

Weekend mornings & afternoons

Want to weigh in on your class time requests? Take our schedule survey here!

What do I need to know before attending class?

You must arrive 10 minutes prior to every SEEK Cycle class to secure your bike for class. To ensure that every student in our SEEK Cycle class has the best experience possible, late students will not be permitted into class. Please bring water, and if you are taking Shift Cycle (circuits) please wear athletic shoes.

All of our cycling classes will be accessible to all levels of riders. You do not need to be in shape, a professional cyclist, or own a pair of bike shorts to attend. You just need to get your butt in here and give it a try.