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Recover + Stretch + Release: How to take better care of your active body with Sloane Pitman

As athletes, we know by now that stretching, recovery, and rest are vital to our performance. But the information on how, when, and how long to stretch is confusing and conflicting. And which of us isn't guilty of knowing we should stretch, but the day is too nice, the pow is too good, the cold beverage is we skip it. This workshop is for all athletes and all excuses. You'll get 90 minutes of active recovery techniques geared towards getting your body ready to get back out doing what you love most. We'll use myofascial release techniques, biomechanics driven stretches curated specifically for athletic bodies, and some easy partner work to help your body recover in the ways that it needs to. Of course, it will be true to Seek style, accessible, engaging, and dynamic. Cost: $20.00

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