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2018 Kickstart - 20 classes in 31 days!

Start your 2018 with a punch and a positive routine to set your year on track. We challenge you to take a class (or more) on 20 of the 31 days in January. Track your progress on the challenge board at SEEK and hold yourself accountable to a regular yoga practice and sweat routine that will set good habits for months to come. Everyone who completes the full 20 will get a special gift from SEEK.

It’s FREE to participate. Here's how to sign up and commit to your 20 day revolution!

  1.  Put your name on the Kickstart board in the studio OR send us an email and we'll put you on the board so you can hit the ground running January 1st. 
  2. Get a month pass or monthly membership so you have unlimited access to classes all month!
  3. Check out our daily class schedule and sign up for classes ahead of time to hold yourself accountable to a new routine. 
  4. Be awesome - not necessary but we highly reccomend it.