An indoor cycling class that will guide you through 45 or 60 minutes on the bike, powered by your personal metrics with a true cardiovascular training focus. Revolution rides are where music, dedication and motivation meet functional hill, interval, power and endurance training and the result will change your world. This is where we start the revolution.


A bike-based circuit-style workout that includes quick and powerful cardiovascular bursts on the bike, in combination with full body strength and core work off the bike. This dynamic and high-output class will work you from head to heart - quads to core. This is where big shifts happen in your day, your strength, and your perspective. Please wear athletic shoes for this class!




Revolution and Shift CYCLE class styles are unique to SEEK and designed with real results in mind. Classes are not choreographed - they are crafted to work your mind and body through the grit and grind of training indoors so your performance outdoors benefits. You will not find us lifting weights or doing core work on the bike - instead we spend this time powering up hills, through challenging sprints, and building lasting endurance. Looking for a total body workout? Try our SHIFT cycle class where we hop off the bike for upper body and core intervals throughout the ride.  



What type of bikes do you have?

We will have Stages SC3 indoor cycling bikes with individual power meters on each bike. The SC3 power meters will help you track your cycling output during each class, and track your training progression over time. Your power metrics will connect to your SEEK member account so that you have the option to store and track your performance, challenge yourself to meet monthly goals, and more.

The Stages SC3 bikes are designed for high performance indoor cycling, complete with a sprint shift, and full rider fit customization. Your cycling instructor will help you find the perfect fit on your bike and set you up with your power metrics account when you arrive for your first class.

Do you offer shoe rentals?

Yes! Cycling shoes will be free for members or $3 per use for non-members.  Students are welcome to bring their own SPD compatible shoes.

What do I need to know before attending class?

You must arrive 10 minutes prior to every SEEK Cycle class to secure your bike for class. To ensure that every student in our SEEK Cycle class has the best experience possible, late students will not be permitted into class. Please bring water, and if you are taking Shift Cycle (circuits) please wear athletic shoes.

All of our cycling classes will be accessible to all levels of riders. You do not need to be in shape, a professional cyclist, or own a pair of bike shorts to attend. You just need to get your butt in here and give it a try.

Do we ride to the beat of the song?

We agree that music is powerful and motivating! At SEEK, we strive to live up to not only the motivation of music, but the intention of your training. We are not here to check out to some cool tunes, rather, we believe we are here to check in to our bodies, minds, ultimately, the grit of the training. So we have decided that the beat is just a guide, not the goal. Instead of obsessing over playing your feet to the rhythm of the song with each pedal rotation, we would rather you focus your awareness on safe body alignment, push yourself to speed faster in a sprint drill, or add heavy resistance up an intense hill climb. At SEEK, we promise the music will be loud, motivating, and most importantly, it will never hold you back.

Why don’t we do core work and pushups on the bike?

We do things purposefully and functionally here, even if that means doing it different from the status quo. We believe in meaningful movement and intentional work on the bike which makes us hyper aware of alignment and what types of movements will be safe and effective for our bodies. To be honest, pushups and core work on a bike just don’t make the cut.

This is why we have created SHIFT Cycle, unique to SEEK and specifically designed to include both cardiovascular training on the bike and strength training off the bike. Check out the schedule here to sign up for your next SHIFT class!

Maybe you want a full 45-60 minutes on the bike AND strength training? We suggest doubling up classes! Come take our Saturday morning revolution at 8:30am and hop over into SEEK Sweat right after to get some of those push ups and core work that we all crave.  

What is the purpose of an extended hill climb?

Extended hill climbs = the ultimate MIND and BODY test. Climbing for 7-10 minutes is tough, we know. But it is also an incredible way to improve your endurance. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability to exert yourself over a period of time and with this type of training, your body becomes more capable of pumping oxygen to the working muscle groups and converting energy in an efficient way. Endurance training is essential to keeping the heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy so we can continue to do what we love day in and day out.

This training is great for the body and it’s even better for the mind. We know these extended hill climbs are a challenge, especially when there is not the distraction of side to side dance moves to keep you busy. But the challenge is truly what we are aiming for. We are all about purposeful training that provides the opportunity to practice presence and persistence. We are here to strengthen body, mind, and soul.