An indoor cycling class that will guide you through 45 or 60 minutes on the bike, powered by your personal metrics with a true cardiovascular training focus. Revolution rides are where music, dedication and motivation meet functional hill, interval, power and endurance training and the result will change your world. This is where we start the revolution.


A bike-based circuit-style workout that includes quick and powerful cardiovascular bursts on the bike, in combination with full body strength and core work off the bike. This dynamic and high-output class will work you from head to heart - quads to core. This is where big shifts happen in your day, your strength, and your perspective. Please wear athletic shoes for this class!



SEEK CYCLE is a brand new training element at SEEK studio! We are excited to share our unique indoor cycling classes with you starting this April. Until then, please reference the FAQ’s page to lear more about the SEEK CYCLE experience.