Get in to get out


SEEK is a boutique community-based studio in Salt Lake City. We believe in doing things a little differently. We offer yoga classes that unite functional strength with mindful movement. We challenge you with strength and conditioning classes that will change the way you move, whether on your feet, on snow, on trails, or around the city. 


We believe in being different; in being loud when we’re expected to be quiet, in being bold when we’re expected to fit in, in being gritty when we’re expected to be polished. 

We stand for good times, present minds, hard work, real connection. 

We value sweat and breath over drama and excuses. We value betterment without bullshit. We value the real and practical applications of moving your body, breathing, sweating, working hard, and dedicating yourself to something. we value real change that comes when effort is put forth and accountability is maintained. 

We will push you, challenge your limits and help you re-write your stories. We will ask you to show up wholeheartedly and unabashedly. We will encourage you to defy expectations, take care of yourself, rest when you need it, and be a badass when you don’t. 

We are not afraid to tell it to you straight, play loud music, get really sweaty, be imperfect humans, make mistakes, look different than the rest, and have a great time doing so.

We are active, young at heart, strong from the inside out, unabashed, mindful, and real.

We are a collective of people who appreciate intense workouts, legit yoga, and real human connection.


1270 S. 1100. E.                            

Suite 201.                                    

Salt Lake City, UT 84105


Yoga, strength, and functional fitness classes are held daily from 6:30am - 8:30pm. Please visit our live schedule to sign up. 


Equipment + Facilities

  • TRX Suspension Trainiers

  • Free Weights

  • Kettle Bells

  • Yoga Mats

  • Yoga Blocks & Straps

  • Rooftop Deck

  • Private Restrooms

  • SEEK Shop