SEEK is a multifunctional studio space, home to signature athletic flow style yoga classes, TRX-based workouts, and high intensity training classes in Salt Lake City, Utah.


we’re a studio for those who seek more

We are more than your average workout and deeper than your typical stretch session. We offer a powerful mind-body experience with carefully crafted workouts that will push you to your edge and make you move better, stronger, and faster. Our one of a kind yoga classes are inspired by music and movement, and will bring purpose to your practice.


3 signature workout classes: Seek Sweat, Seek Circuits, and Get Lifted

Each class offers a different approach to strengthening and training your body so you can diversify your workout, or dig deep into a style that works best for you.

3 signature yoga classes: Athletic Flow, Seek Flow, and Power to the Zen

All three are inspired by a flowing “Vinyasa” style practice, with our unique layered approach to building a sequence that advances your body’s strength, mobility, and balance. Your mind and body will move as one, powered by your breath and inspired by the beat.

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How to prep for class


Please show up for class 5-15 minutes ahead of time to give yourself time to set up. If you are NEW to the studio, we suggest you give yourself 15 minutes.

Sign Up:

We suggest you sign up ahead of time for all classes - this will ensure you have a spot saved in classes that get busy and sell out. Drop ins are accepted as long as we have space in class. Sign up here ↠


Required ONLY for our circuit class. You will go barefoot in all other classes.


Required for all classes except our circuit class. We rent mats for $2 if you don’t have your own.

What to expect during class


We have a water fountain but do not sell water bottles. Please bring your own and drink up - staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body.


We offer free sweat towels during all classes, and free bath towels if you chose to shower on site.


Yes, we have one. If you plan to shower, please be mindful of others and limit your shower time to less than 10 minutes.


We have lockers on site and free locks provided to keep your personal items safe during class.